Out of Character

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Out of Character

Post by Binco on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:11 am

* Lying to an Administrator
- Any situation where you lie to an administrator either directly or via omission or otherwise.
- 30 minutes in OOC prison and a fine equalling 20% of your total money ($5,000 minimum).

* Escaping From The OOC Prison
- Escaping from the OOC prison either by commands or abusing the mapping or otherwise.
- Banned from the server.

* Abuse of /report
- Repeated spamming of this command or using it in a unintended manner.
- 20 minutes in OOC prison.

* Spamming
- Flooding the chat with same text over and over again.
- Kicked from the server and 20 minutes in OOC prison.

* Chat Spamming
- Flooding any chat, e.g. /n, /ooc, /v, with the same text over and over again.
- Muted from said chat for 10 minutes.

* Moneyfarming
- Transferring assets from starter accounts to established accounts.
- Total money reset to zero, repeated offences have greater punishments.

* Server Advertіsing
- Advertіsing or promoting another server of any kind.
- Banned from server.

* Harassing Another Player
- Any sort of behaviour that has the intent of causing harm or bullying.
- 20 minutes in OOC prison.

* Extreme Roleplay
- Sex-related roleplay, graphic roleplay involving gore or torture.
- Banned from server.

* Abuse of LSPD Commands
- LSPD members abusing any/all LSPD commands to "have fun" or "mess around".
- 20 minutes in OOC prison. Repeated misuse will result in a permanent faction kick.

* Abuse of The Toy System
- Using the toy system in ways that are not intended.
- 15 minutes in OOC prison and removal of all toys permanently.

* Abuse of The Trucker Job
- Riding along, trailer switching, using the Pay 'N' Spray.
- 35 minutes in OOC prison and a fine equalling 10% of your total money ($1,000 minimum), removal of trucker license.

* Using Job or Server Vehicles for Purposes Other Than Their Intended Purpose
- 20 minutes in OOC prison.

* Abuse of Donator Perks
- Temporarily changing ownership of assets (Vehicles, houses, etc.) to have donator perks attached to them.
- The non-donator player will permanently lose the affected assets without refund, the donator player will be fined the cost involved for the non-donator player to obtain the asset.

* Excessive AFK Kicks
- Getting kicked from the server for being AFK, either automatically or by an administrator, in an excessive manner.
- Kick from server and 20 minutes in OOC prison. Also a potential fine.

* Avoiding The AFK Kick System
- Administrator review.

* Abusing Hitboxes/Geometry
- Abusing the way hitboxes (The parts of a character model that can be hit) and in-game geometry work to give yourself an unfair advantage.
- 20 minutes in OOC prison.

* Abuse of The Furniture System
- Using the furniture system for any purpose other than decoration.
- 20 minutes in OOC prison.

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