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Post by Binco on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:22 am

* If an Item is in Your Inventory; it is in Your Inventory
- If you are carrying items in your inventory, e.g. materials, phone, cocaine, you cannot roleplay that they are elsewhere.

* Protected Public Areas
- Any job-related place is considered protected and robberies cannot occur there. Additionally, inside the bank and the general area surrounding the bank, as well as, inside the LSPD and the general area surrounding the LSPD are protected.
- Santa Maria Beach is also protected.
- Kidnappings in protected areas require a strong roleplay reason.

* Killing After Robberies is not Allowed (In most situations)
- Killing after a robbery when it is not allowed will be viewed as a DM.

* Publicly Announcing, or Initiating Conversation with Players, That you are Selling Illegal Items, e.g. Materials, Cocaine, Weapons, is not Allowed
- Such actions will be viewed as non-RP behaviour.

* Walkie-Talkies and Mobile Phones are to be Used for IC Communication Only
- Use of these devices for OOC purposes will be viewed as MG.

* LSN:RP has a Unique Take on Player Kills (PKs)

* Giving Away Your Assets Just Before you Character Kill (CK) is not Allowed

* If you are Interested in Helping out in (/n)ewbie, Please be Aware of These Rules

* Windows Cannot be More Than 35% Tinted

* No Bunny Hopping (Constantly running and jumping)
- Viewed as non-RP behaviour.

* Emergency Light Mod (ELM) is not Allowed to be Used by Anybody on the Server (Including Staff Members)

* The LSPD has the ability to Obtain Weapons for Free (No material cost unlike the arms dealer job). At no Point Should Said Weapons Ever Leave Officer'S Hands; do not Store Them in Houses, Businesses or Vehicles; do not Sell Them
- Viewed as creating/duplicating assets.

* Skybox Modifications are not Allowed to be Used by Anybody

* Leaving Players for Dead After a Robbery is not Allowed in Protected Areas

* Buying/Selling Houses or Businesses Under Their Base Price is not Allowed

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