Protected Public Areas

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Protected Public Areas

Post by Binco on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:59 am

Any job related place is considered protected and robberies cannot occur there. That means the location where you start/finish material runs, the location where you sell fish, and so on. From a roleplay perspective, these places are considered to be either too highly watched/populated or have people in those areas who wish to keep the peace and stay off the radar.

Additionally, inside the bank and the general area surrounding the bank as well as inside the LSPD and the general area surrounding the LSPD are protected. The amount of security, cameras, and armed personnel that would be in these areas is pretty obvious.

Attempting a robbery in a protected area will be considered non-RP behaviour and punished accordingly.

Now, having said that, the administrator team will not tolerate any sort of behaviour where players try to avoid a robbery by running to one of these places and declaring themselves safe.

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