Non-Roleplay Behaviour (Non-RP)

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Non-Roleplay Behaviour (Non-RP)

Post by Binco on Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:04 pm

There are many, many, many forms of acts classified under Non-RP Behaviour, so we would have to try our best and differentiate what is RP and what is Non-RP. Non-RP Behaviour is the act of doing something that someone would not attempt to do in real life. This ranges from not properly roleplaying fear to having a gun to your face, or having rather accept death than to get robbed.

- David_Smith witnesses a gunfight between the police and gang members, he then runs into the middle of the gunfight to get a better view of the gunfight.
- David_Smith is running around the marina when he witnesses someone being arrested, he immediately runs over and starts dancing on the cruiser to get the cops attention.
- David_Smith is flying in his Maverick, but instead of going to the airport he quickly lands on a gas station and refuels from the roof.
- David_Smith is getting robbed and someone is pointing a gun at his face; whilst they are doing this, David_Smith pulls out a gun of his own and starts shooting.
- David_Smith is getting robbed and when he's aimed at he runs away.

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