Vehicle Surfing

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Vehicle Surfing

Post by Binco on Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:06 pm

The act of standing on top of a moving vehicle. Due to the game mechanics of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, unfortunately you cannot be sent flying off of the vehicle so it is the administrator's duty to prevent this from happening as it is Non-RP and unrealistic.

- Vehicles that have a bed/box in the back, like a Bobcat or Sadler, are allowed to have up to two players riding in the back. Those players should be using an animation to stay low to the vehicle or at the very least crouch.

- David_Smith uses /sleep on the rear of a car and claims he is "riding in the trunk".
- David_Smith stands on the front part of a BMX and claims he is "standing on the stunt pegs".

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